Seagul Resort


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Front door

We are now in the Seagull Resort in Hurghada, having gone full circle. Our tour of Egypt has taken us ten days and we have seen pretty much everything of importance. Now we are on three days of rest.

The hotel is enormous. From the front you would never know but once through the doors the scale is obvious. It is also very well maintained. It has the usual metal detectors with guards who ignore the alarms. We are used to them now and ignore them too.

Our room is very comfortable and has a small balcony with a view towards the street. There are better things to see. The air-conditioning is excellent. The bathroom looks like it

Looking out to an entertainment area

has recently been refurbished.

Inside there is a massive dining room. This was our first stop as it had been a long trip from Cairo and we were hungry. It

Our favourite pool

was also the last time we used this dining room. It was too big and too obvious so it attracted too many people. We found a much better alternative in the adjacent block. Overall, there were four eateries included in our all included pass but there was also a rotating restaurant on top of a small tower where we paid to take advantage of a very decent meal and entertainment including belly dancing.

One half of the resort

The best aspect though was the swimming. There were countless pools and two beaches on the Red Sea. These were a quantum leap from our earlier stay in Hurghada, having nice sandy bases. We settled for a pool though, as it was consistently clean, handy to towels, had deck chairs and a bar. (There were seven bars in all)  What more could we want?

There was the option of taking excursions from here but we chose to enjoy the resort and spent most of time beside, or in, the pool. At night there was a range of entertainment around the site. Some was quite good. Some was less so.

All too soon our stay in Egypt came to an end and we were back on a plane to Katowicza. Our agreed opinion was that this may have been the best tour we have done. It was brilliantly organised with everything going like clockwork. It hit everything we expected to see and more. The pilot was excellent and our travelling companions were easy to get along with.

  1. Trevor Astle07-18-18

    Shear luxus David. Hotel for arab sheiks and their harums.