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Palmiry is a Polish national memorial. It is a shocking testimony to crimes committed by the Nazis on Polish territory during the second world war.

A small section of the graves. Mostly name not known.

On December 7, 1939 in the Kampinos Forest, near the Palmiry village, Germans started in secrecy a series of mass murders. In 21 executions over 1700 Poles were executed. They continued until July 17, 1941. The aim was to exterminate the population. The victims were mostly people who were respected political representatives but also included academics and freedom fighters as well as Boy Scouts. They were all considered dangerous future leaders.

Lists of dead were displayed in Warsaw.

The most horrifying executions took place on June 20 and 21 in 1940. 362 people were

shot including the Speaker of Parliament, the vice-mayor of Warsaw, a famous Olympian and a well-known social activist. In total, 2115 victims were buried in the Kampinos

Catalogue of murders


In 1948 a new cemetery was created near Palmiry and the victims were re-interred. 485 people were identified. The adjacent museum presents the crimes. It also depicts the significant role this place played in the struggle for independence of the Polish people.


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    That’s so sad David. Thanks for sharing as it’s good to be reminded not to ever vote for Dutton and Black Uniforms with secret agendas.