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Our trip to Greece began on Crete. We arrived at Heraklion airport from Warsaw and were nearly killed before we even got our bags. We rode an escalator but when we got to the top the floor was full. People kept coming up the escalator. I could see a huge disaster about to happen and tried to move us to the side out of the direct crush. Thankfully the staff realised and stopped people getting on and the crush gradually reduced.

Surf in Hania Harbour

Surf in Hania Harbour

We went by coach to our hotel Kriti in Hania, 2 hours away. Anna thinks it is nice of the Cretans to name a city after her. Our room was small but nice. Unfortunately it was on the ground floor adjacent to the busy side street. Also a nice lad had a loud motorcycle that he liked to ride after midnight.

I took an early walk around town and visited the local beach, maybe 150 metres from the hotel. Believe it or not, the Sea of Crete has surf. I followed the coast around past a castellated headland where a family was sleeping rough coming to a lovely little harbour which dates back to about 1200 AD. Here were several fishermen trying



unsuccessfully from the outer wall leading to an old lighthouse, across from a derelict bastion.

Walking along the shore of the harbour I passed numerous fishing boats, charter boats and luxury yachts, one even showing an Australian flag.

Rounding the corner I hit restaurant heaven. The western arm of the harbour is lined with bars and restaurants with only an old Mosque to break things up. It was along here that we shared the best sea food platter to celebrate my birthday.

I left the waterfront and headed into the old town. The streets are very narrow and crowded with merchants. Leather was popular but they also sold Manchester, t-shirts and all sorts of souvenirs. It was not too much later that I realised I was a bit lost. Thankfully my dog walking iPhone app showed me enough to get me back to the street with our hotel.

Minoan Palace

Minoan Palace

That afternoon our guide, Ania, took us for a walking tour of the town. Initially she took us to the same places I saw in the morning but once past the harbour she took us to some rather exotic pieces including a Minoan Palace from 3BC and some buildings that had been  bombed during the war.

In the evening we left on the overnight ferry for Athens.

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    Happy birthday David and I am enjoying your story and photos.