About Krasney

About Krasney

Krasney is Russian for red.  It is a nick name given to me due to my work and travels in the former Soviet Union and due to my red hair.

I have been a photographer since I was 16.  My first 35mm camera was a Mamiya range finder.  This ended up in Sydney Harbour when it fell from my son’s stroller as we boarded a ferry at Fort Denison.  This was not all bad as I replaced it with a Praktika SLR.  This served me well for a number of years.  In 1987 I traded it in on a Canon EOS 650.  This was a wonderful camera with autofocus.  I bought an EOS 5 prior to my first trip to Russia in 1992.  This camera served me until I moved to digital in the new millennium.

My first digital camera was an EOS 400D.  I was amazed by what could be done with a digital SLR.  While travelling in Europe in 2007 my house was broken into and my EOS 650 was stolen.  The insurance company replaced it with another 400D.  It was a joy to have two bodies as I did not have to change lenses and worry about dust on the sensor.  Travelling was a bit heavier though and I did get in trouble at Melbourne International Airport for having too much carry on.

This year I sold one of my 400Ds and bought an EOS 60D.  Due to the incredible mark up imposed by Australian camera stores I bought it on the net from Hong Kong and saved $500.  The only drawback was that the camera was set to Chinese and the original manual was also in Chinese.  They did supply an English language copy so it was all fine.  The camera is a quantum leap over the 400D

I love travel photography and the pages of this site will principally show my work in that area.